About Us

The Gregori Surgery Center is a one of a kind facility combining the excellence of gynecological staff and our experienced and highly trained nursing staff with our long tradition of providing the highest quality healthcare services to women. The center offers the most sophisticated technology available and was designed to create a comforting and healing environment. Patients and their families have the comfort of knowing the full resources of New Jersey's largest healthcare system are available, if needed.

Your gynecological surgery needs will be met in a place designed exclusively for women. The Gregori Surgery Center features restful music, warm soothing colors and soft lighting to create an atmosphere that is comforting and fosters healing. Special attention has been given to every detail - from attractive artwork to a comfortable robe.

A relaxing waiting area for family members is available. In addition, patients and families can benefit from the extensive educational materials, focusing specifically on a variety of women's health topics, which are available.