Our Commitment to You

Our goal at The Gregori Surgery Center is to provide you with the highest quality services and cost-efficient healthcare in a comfortable and safe environment. We offer expertise, convenience and simplicity that is unmatched.

Our Commitment to Patient Satisfaction

At The Gregori Surgery Center, your admitting time is short and simple, parking is ample and nearby, and there are no miles of hallways and other confusing barriers to navigate — just a pleasant outpatient environment. Our patient satisfaction surveys repeatedly reflect high praise for the center and our specialized staff.

Our Commitment to Quality

At The Gregori Surgery Center, we support safe, quality patient care using a collaborative team approach among the patient, patient’s family, physicians and staff. Our office staff is helpful and compassionate, and we have two main priorities: you and your procedure.

Quality Committee

As part of our commitment to quality care, The Gregori Surgery Center has a Continuous Quality Improvement Process. Each and every quarter since our inception, our Quality Committee has conducted the following:

  • Patient Satisfaction Review in which survey results, patient comments and any complaints are addressed.
  • Medical Records Review to ensure that our chart documentation is accurate and current.
  • Credentials Review to verify that our doctors, nurses and medical staff have current training and licensure.
  • Peer Review through which our doctors review one another’s charts to ensure optimal medical care is provided.
  • Pharmacy Review to verify proper storage and administration of all medications.
  • Infection Control Review to verify proper equipment sterilization and patient and employee safety in accordance with OSHA guidelines.
  • Post-Procedure Phone Calls to check on our patients in the days following their procedures. Our doctors want to see how you’re feeling and to make sure that your visit was positive. Our staff is trained to ask a series of questions. All information is kept in a confidential computer database for review by our Quality Assurance Committee so that we may continually improve our policies and procedures. We want to ensure your experience at The Gregori Surgery Center is as pleasant as possible.

Patient Safety in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Patient safety is of the utmost priority to our center’s physicians and staff. Our governing board provides oversight for the quality of care. Our facility is licensed by the state as an ambulatory surgery center and certified by Medicare to ensure you receive the best care. We also undergo voluntary accreditation by the Ambulatory Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), one of the national organizations that accredits a wide variety of ambulatory health care settings. AAAHC currently accredits more than 6,000 organizations.

Our physicians utilize our center because we partner with them to deliver high-quality, patient-centered care in an outpatient setting which provides comfort and ease of access. While hospitals provide a wide range of support services 24 hours a day, we are designed to focus on the patient’s specific procedure or surgery experience and preparation for recovery at home

Based upon your medical history and health assessment, and the procedure to be performed, your physician will select the best care setting for your specific healthcare needs. In some cases, it may be determined that the hospital is the best setting for your planned procedure.

Complications can occur in any healthcare setting where surgery is performed, and we are well-equipped to respond accordingly. With knowledge acquired from more than 250 other surgery centers, we have established best practices and safety standards while also meeting or exceeding regulatory and accreditation requirements.

In very rare instances when a patient requires emergency care while at the center, we have extensive procedures in place to respond. We have physicians, registered nurses, anesthesia providers and those trained in CPR and the use of emergency equipment in the facility to respond as needed. We are also fully equipped with appropriate equipment to respond to emergencies, and if necessary, we can transfer patients to a nearby hospital for additional care.